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Steel buildings are the number one choice for consumers looking for dependable and affordable structures. Steel buildings are used for a number of residential and commercial buildings because of their versatility, foundation savings, adaptability to a wide range of sites, structure stability and ability for wide open floor plans, energy efficiency and choice of design.

Steel Buildings offer Versatility

Steel buildings are ideal for residential metal buildings or commercial metal buildings because of the endless choices in designs, floor plans, models and more. Residential steel buildings can be used as modular homes, cabins, tool sheds, storage pole barns, metal garages, pole barn homes, vacation homes and can meet any storage or hobby needs. For commercial use, steel buildings are perfect for utility buildings, strip malls, storage sheds, office buildings, aircraft hangers, retail stores, storage units and gymnasiums. There are also many portable building options available for businesses in construction and real estate.

Considerable Foundation Cost Savings

The foundations savings found by using steel buildings is generally a considerable motivating factor for people who need quality construction at an affordable price. For a typical single story structure, the cost of the foundation will usually exceed 15% of the total cost of construction. For steel buildings, the foundation cost is nearly nonexistent. For a single story structure, large amounts of concrete often need to be poured in addition to an excavation project. For steel buildings, the foundation can simply be holes that are drilled using a power auger. This is because metal buildings are constructed using posts and metal trusses as the framing member. The stability of posts buried 4 to 6 feet deep provide excellent lateral and vertical bearing strength for anyone that needs to depend on a structurally sound building and affordability.

Adaptability to a Wide Range of Sites

Site adaptability is another reason steel buildings are so attractive to consumers and businesses looking for a cheap way to construct a solid structure. Traditional buildings need level grading and require earth moving excavation projects, which can be costly. You also must find a prime location for this new structure in addition to contractors and construction supplies. Metal buildings however, require much less site preparation than other wood or brick structures. Rather than having to disregard a less than ideal area for your construction needs, you can use a steel building that can adapt to less than ideal construction sites.

Unmatched Structure Stability

Structure stability is another important area for many people and businesses interested in steel buildings. A properly designed and constructed steel building can handle weather that would destroy conventional, fully framed structures. This is because the posts are embedded in the ground, which transmit lateral forces, or wind loading on the walls directly into the earth. In addition, steel buildings do not tend to collapse during fire or earthquakes like conventional structures might.

Wide Open Floor Plans or Just Like Home

The versatility in which steel buildings can be framed is another attractive quality for people looking for sturdy and affordable metal buildings. Steel structures can be fully framed to look just like conventional construction or they can have a completely open floor plan with minimal finishing costs. The walls of a metal building are non-load bearing because of the pole construction methods used during the construction process. The poles are used to support the weight of the metal building. By having non-load bearing walls, you will enjoy lower framing costs as well. This unique quality allows for very large open space for a wide variety of uses. In addition, if you are interested in modular homes or prefab homes, you can find steel buildings that offer the look and feel of a fully framed home.

Incredibly Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency of steel buildings is also a drawing force for many consumers interested in metal buildings. Steel buildings have fewer thermal breaks than conventional construction. Posts on 8' or greater centers can be insulated more efficiently than a stick frame with studs 16'' or 24'' on center. In addition, many metal buildings are constructed with recycled metal materials which not only make the energy efficient but also environmentally friendly.

Three Main Styles and Countless Options

There are three primary types of steel buildings. Gable steel buildings are a straight wall style with a peaked roof. Single slope steel buildings are also a straight wall style but have only one angle to the roof. Finally, there are quonset steel buildings, which are an arch style type of metal buildings. These are merely the three most basic types of metal buildings and some manufacturers within our nationwide network may provide designs that utilize more than one. No matter how you look at it, there is an endless variety in sizes, styles, colors, finishes, accessories and more.   

Steel buildings are an easy and cost effective way to get the structure that you want with a price that you can afford. Metal structures are the easiest way to keep your business expenses within your budget and price quotes are available with our free service from a nationwide network of dealers and manufacturers.

Steel Building Companies

There are countless companies throughout the US that offer a wide range of steel buildings and storage sheds that vary in size for your individual or business needs. If you by chance needed a gymnasium, a church or even an aircraft hanger built, steel buildings will by far be one of the best choices that you could make while considering your options. Steel buildings are efficient and can be built quicker than the average facility with less labor and less money which ultimately leaves more money in your pocket to spend on other more important things. There are even some people and businesses that choose to assemble the steel building all by themselves because they are so easy and simple.

People will choose to use metal structures for a wide range of purposes. There are many businesses, including construction and real estate companies, which need a portable building to meet their specific business needs. Many of these businesses will use their steel buildings as a portable office or a portable storage structures. Many families with residential interests are looking for affordable structures that include modular homes, metal garages, metal storage structures, pole barns and even horse barns.  

No matter how you look at it, there are a variety of steel building companies to choose from that all offer different quality, service and prices. If you are worried about steel building prices, don't be. Our service is fast, free and easy which is why filling your specific need with metal building quotes from multiple dealers is one of the least time consuming means to get just what you are looking for that saves both time and money. There are multiple metal building companies that will also offer warranties along any needed repairs for up to 5 years and some that will even offer a 10 year warranty depending on the structure of your choice. Submit your free request and be sure to ask about these additional services if you think that they might be of benefit to you or your business.

Regardless of the type of metal buildings you have in mind, you are sure to find just what you are looking for with our free quoting service that utilizes a nationwide network of metal building manufacturers and dealers. You can review our free guides and learn about general metal sheds, arch steel buildings, arrow sheds, residential metal buildings, metal frame buildings, metal garage buildings and much more.

Wide Variety of Uses to Fit Your Needs

Most metal facilities are constructed of used metals that have been recycled making them more environmentally friendly than that of a standard facility, which entails much more materials and labor. Metal buildings are a great option whether you are interested in a simple structure or a more complex one. Many simple structures include metal buildings such as sheds, storage sheds, steel garage buildings, garden sheds, deer sheds, tool sheds, motorcycle sheds, outdoor storage sheds or antler sheds. Perhaps you need a metal run in sheds or a horse barn. More complex metal buildings may include strip malls, modular homes, a portable building or portable office building, or pole barn houses. Whether you need simple metal sheds or more complex steel buildings, you are sure to be shocked by how affordable and readily available these structures are for you.

Steel buildings offer a wide variety of exteriors and accessories. Whether you want a modular home or pole barns on your property, why not have it look fantastic. There are a wide array of choices, such as faux stone exteriors and vinyl siding. The metal building exteriors that are applied can be done so quickly, usually taking less than a day to complete. This depends on the size of the metal buildings in which you have invested. You can add nearly any type and style of exterior you wish to your steel buildings, along with other details such as a particular style of window that you like or even a special door.

Accessories for metal buildings are just as endless as those of standard structures; however, they can be more cost effective to install or remove from metal buildings if you change your mind. This is what makes metal buildings easier to customize than standard structures. It makes your job much easier, especially if you are interested in any type customized building kits.

Steel Building Kits

Many DIY warriors (do-it-yourself-ers, handy man, handy woman, weekend warriors, or whatever you refer to yourself as) prefer to use metal building kits. You can find affordable metal building kits, pole kits, storage kits, garage kits and even house building kits. One of the most popular choices is to find kits for pole barns. Pole barns are a type of metal building, which are just as customizable, affordable, stable and adaptable as any other metal building. Much like other metal buildings, pole barns can be used as barns, garages, utility houses, cabins, strip malls, vacation homes, pole barn homes, office buildings, storage sheds, aircraft hangers, retail stores, banks and gymnasiums.

Whether you are looking for commercial steel buildings or metal buildings for your personal property, you can find pole barn plans and pole barn kit prices quickly and easily with a click of the mouse. There are plenty of comprehensive packages that will show you how to build a pole barn from starting construction to planning trusses and finally completion of your pole barns. If you would rather not build a metal building by yourself, you can hire people to do so or purchase a prefab metal building or portable sheds. You might also find metal buildings for sale, either cheap or used after submitting your request. If you haven't already done so, consider looking into city zoning laws and obtain building permits where and when necessary. For the do-it-yourself person, you can find out if saving money by purchasing steel building kits is right for you. Whatever your needs, you are sure to find the right metal building for you after comparing quality and prices from multiple companies with our free service.

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