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Bellingham Steel Buildings

Investing in Bellingham steel buildings gives you confidence in the stability and longevity of your WA construction project. Pre-fabricated steel garages, warehouses, utility sheds and pole barns have served the residents of Bellingham and the surrounding areas for generations. When you design your project from start to finish with a Bellingham metal buildings provider, you know that you'll end up with a durable, functional structure in a matter of days or weeks.

The waterfront city of Bellingham is situated on Bellingham Bay. Residents of this WA community enjoy views of the bay and the nearby mountains. Bellingham steel buildings feature prominently in residential neighborhoods, office parks and industrial areas of the city. If you tour the rural areas of this state, you'll notice steel buildings serving as barns, acreage buildings and horse arenas. The versatility of these steel Washington structures and their relatively low construction cost compared to wood makes them popular options in any setting.

Washington Steel Homes

Metal buildings function in a wide number of capacities, and in many cases, Bellingham steel buildings are indistinguishable from wood, brick or stucco structures. Because they are so versatile, affordable and resistant to many of the hazards that threaten wooden homes, Bellingham steel buildings are also used on residential properties. These modular units can be designed to suit your specifications and customized to match the other houses in your neighborhood.

To WA homeowners, metal offers the advantages of being resistant to fire, moisture, hail, wind, earthquakes and pests. However, metal is also a highly conductive material, which means that residential Bellingham metal buildings tend to retain heat when the outdoor temperatures are high and lose heat in the winter, when temperatures drop. Residential Bellingham steel buildings must be insulated to protect the occupants from extremes of heat or cold.

Homeowners may enjoy a discount on their homeowner's insurance premiums by choosing pre-fabricated Bellingham metal buildings from metal building construction specialists. Because metal is non-combustible, these structures are often cheaper to insure than wood. With an impact resistant roof, storm windows and smoke detectors, your homeowner's insurance costs may be lower than you anticipated when you construct your dwelling.

If you're under the impression that all Bellingham metal buildings resemble warehouses or utility sheds, you'd be surprised by some of the innovative, creative home designs on the market. These structures can be customized to suit the size of your family, your lifestyle and your storage requirements. You can expand your home with a garage or shed to maximize your storage space with a secure, fire resistant structure.

Your home can be accessorized with sliding or double hung windows, walk doors, roof vents and exhaust fans. Customized exterior wainscoting and trim, combined with attractive finishes, give your new house additional curb appeal. You can even finish the building with stucco, wood siding or materials that look like brick or stone. For a finishing touch, your can add a cupola or skylights to Bellingham metal buildings to make these structures uniquely your own.

Moisture Resistance

The state of Washington has a high level of precipitation, and Bellingham is no exception. The area has been nicknamed the Banana Belt of the Northwest because of its mild, damp climate. The rainy season in this region may last from 6 to 8 months. In these moist conditions, Bellingham metal buildings may prove more durable than wood structures because of their resistance to water. The structural stability of these units makes them appropriate in areas where flooding or mud slides can occur.

Galvanized finishes are the secret to the moisture resistance of Bellingham metal buildings. Galvanization is the process of treating steel surfaces with a zinc product that prevents rust. Once buildings have been treated with a galvanized finish, they can hold up to rain and humidity for years without rusting. Most factory applied, galvanized finishes are guaranteed for up to 25 years by the manufacturer.

In humid climates, wood can swell, warp, crack or rot. Unless wooden surfaces are stained or painted with a weather resistant product, which is regularly maintained to prevent weather damage, a wooden structure can deteriorate. Mold and mildew are common problems in the Pacific Northwest, especially in homes or businesses built with wood and drywall. Termite damage is a common problem in this moist environment, as these wood devouring pests are drawn to moisture.

Bellingham steel buildings are resistant to the effects of water, including dry rot, mold, mildew and insect damage. When you purchase one of these long lasting products, you can enjoy the added security of a manufacturer's warranty. Your local provider can help you choose a unit that complies with local building codes, prepare your property and arrange to have the structure assembled. A reliable provider will assist you at all stages of the project, so that you'll be satisfied with the results of your investment.

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