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Columbia Steel Buildings

Columbia steel buildings companies find themselves in the midst of the 13th most highly educated municipality in the United States, and the most highly educated city in Missouri. Customers looking for prefabricated metal buildings the nation over are likely to have a solid idea of what they are looking for, and will know a quality product when they see it. The customers in Columbia, MO are like all customers who want the businesses they work with to pay attention to the logistics of their unique situation. For Columbia metal buildings providers logistics include weather in the area, the purpose of the structure being constructed, and accessibility for their Missouri pre-fab building customers.

Solidly Built

Companies that provide Columbia steel buildings have largely elected not to go with the industry standard of 20-22 gauge metal for various frame parts. The industry standard reflects the bare minimum that must be used in order to ensure structural integrity. Columbia metal buildings providers have decided that the bare minimum is not enough, and have designed their buildings to use 12-16 gauge steel. When using a smaller-numbered gauge-which translates to a larger sized metal piece-structures become more sound. Such structures are able to withstand greater storms than weaker-framed buildings. By beginning with a frame that is stronger than that of the average structure, Columbia steel buildings providers are able to construct steel structures for their customers that will withstand the test of time.

Columbia Metal Buildings Offer Galvanized

Many metal buildings companies construct their pre-fab structures with red iron, due to its reputation for strength and history of success in structures. Columbia steel buildings providers, however, have gone a different direction. Rather than using red iron, steel structure providers in Columbia, MO construct their products with galvanized steel. Using a commercial galvanized steel building product instead of the red iron gives Columbia metal buildings providers huge advantages. The galvanized material has the same level of strength as the red iron, but is lighter-weight and easier to work with. Both of these advantages make it much easier for customers to construct their pole barns, horse barns, shops, or whatever project they are putting up.

In addition to making construction easier for customers with its light-weight quality, galvanized material is also 100 times more rust resistant than red iron. The stronger resistance to rust allows for customers to appreciate the beauty of their structure for a much longer time than the average pre-fab building. Reflecting the stronger resistance to rust is the common 45-year warranty against rust and staining offered by Columbia metal buildings providers. This is in stark contrast to the typical 20-year warranty offered by other companies. Taking all of this information together, customers can clearly see that galvanized material carries with it significant advantages over red iron, and makes purchasing their structure in Columbia, Missouri a wise decision.

Cutting Costs from the Foundation Up

Many companies that sell prefabricated structures tout the economical nature of their products. Their products are light-weight, and require less material for foundations than permanent structures, saving customers money. Columbia metal buildings providers, by offering products made with galvanized material rather than red iron, offer lighter-still products which require even less foundation material. The strength of the structures is constituted from the strength of the galvanized material used. The galvanized material weighs less than red iron, allowing Columbia metal buildings providers to bulk up the amount of material used in each piece while still making a lighter-weight product. Ultimately, what the companies are left with are structures that use smaller-gauged pieces that are still lighter than other structures. With less weight to hold up, less foundation is needed at the beginning of the project.

In regards to forming the foundation itself, Columbia steel buildings companies typically are able to use what is known as a monolithic pour when installing the foundation of their structures. A monolithic pour means that the slabs and footers are poured at the same time. Most companies are forced to do two separate pours, which ends up costing the customer an average of 20% more. That is an impressive amount of savings for any client.

At the end of the day, by using 12-16 gauge, galvanized material, Columbia steel buildings providers have found a way to quickly and simply offer an impressively above-average quality product to their clients. The galvanized material has the same level of strength as red iron, but weighs less and is more stain and rust resistant. Nearly all customers will find the galvanized material to offer a preponderance of positives with little or no negatives, and that is always a great way to begin a project. No matter what their individual project is, residential or commercial, customers in Columbia, MO will benefit from companies that have continuously dedicated themselves to offering better and better products than the national average.

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