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Edmond Steel Buildings

Edmond steel buildings offer convenient, affordable storage space to the business owners, farmers and military bases of Oklahoma. Edmond originated in the late 1800s as part of the Oklahoma Land Run, and the city has been growing ever since. If you need square footage for a warehouse, factory, garage or barn, pre-fabricated Edmond steel buildings give you the facilities you need in only a fraction of the time that it takes to build a custom wood structure.

OK is a culturally and economically diverse state, and Edmond reflects the diversity of the state's history. Several historic buildings still stand in the city in memory of the community's past. Edmond metal buildings have been an important part of the city's development for many generations. The durability and cost effectiveness of Oklahoma steel structures has made these structures a natural choice for commercial, agricultural and industrial applications in Edmond and the surrounding rural areas.

Edmond Steel Buildings Styles

Pre-engineered Edmond metal buildings are available in a wide range of designs, but the majority of these structures take two basic forms. Arch steel buildings and straight wall or rigid frame structures make up most of the metal units in Edmond. Each of these basic styles has its advantages and drawbacks, but both are sturdy and resistant to high winds, fire and pest damage. Metal is one of the most long lasting building materials you can invest in, no matter what style you choose.

Arch Edmond metal buildings, represented by the classic Quonset hut, are among the most stable architectural structures in the world. Because of their exceptional stability, these products are used in military, industrial and agricultural settings throughout the country. In addition, Quonset huts are highly affordable, portable and easy to erect on almost any property. Arch steel buildings have been popular in the US since the early 1940s, when they were used by the military to provide affordable barracks, canteens, aircraft hangars and warehouses.

Edmond metal buildings are also available in the more traditional pre fabricated metal straight wall or rigid frame style. A straight wall structure more closely resembles a traditional garage, barn or house, but these units may not be as stable under extreme conditions as their arch counterparts. For more complex projects, such as multi level office buildings, worship centers or sports arenas, straight wall Edmond metal buildings may be more appropriate. An Edmond steel buildings distributor can help you choose a design that's perfect for your intended use of the product.

Steel Structures and Oklahoma Weather

OK is famous for its rapidly changing weather, and the area can experience extremes of heat or cold. In spring and summer, heavy thunderstorms and tornadoes are not uncommon in this part of the country, and property owners have to be prepared for these weather disasters. Building a wooden barn or garage can be a risky proposition if you're worried about the effects of high winds and tornados. Edmond metal buildings are able to hold up under hurricane force winds, providing years of reliable use under almost any conditions.

In the summer, when the weather in OK can become unbearably hot and humid, insulated Edmond steel buildings can keep you and your employees or family comfortable. Because metal is so conductive, Edmond metal buildings must be insulated if you plan to heat or cool them artificially. Fiberglass batting or spray foam insulation materials also keep birds or rodents from nesting in these structures.

In addition to insulation, you can increase airflow and ventilation inside your garage, factory or warehouse with exhaust fans and roof vents. These optional features can be added during the design process to keep your product as comfortable as possible and protect valuable equipment, supplies or livestock. Custom walk doors and casement, sliding or double hung windows can be added to ventilate and illuminate your building. On those muggy afternoons in July or August, you'll appreciate being able to open the windows of your workshop or garage.

A metal building is resistant to impact and can hold up under the heavy rains, hail or snow than can strike in this area. If your unit does show signs of structural problems, the manufacturer's warranty should cover these concerns for many years. Not only is the structure itself guaranteed; the factory applied finish is also covered under its own warranty. Your distributor may even be able to help you arrange a guarantee on the labor required to erect the building.

Edmond steel buildings are versatile enough to fit any of your construction needs, at only a small percentage of the cost of building with other materials. Compare the benefits of several materials before you settle on a plan of action. You'll be satisfied with the results of your investment for years if you work with a reliable, knowledgeable local provider.

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