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Fairfield Steel Buildings

Fairfield Steel Buildings are a perfect fit for northern California. With the beautiful Suisun Bay and San Pablo Bay nearby Fairfield, Ca., and with the San Andreas Fault line close by, Fairfield steel buildings are ideal for standing strong during earthquakes and against the environment.

Steel has a high strength to weight ratio which allows for larger structures as well as smaller ones to retain their architectural detail and design. Fairfield metal buildings are sturdy, heat resistant, insect and termite proof, are low maintenance, and can be engineered to withstand the rain, wind, snow and seismic activity in Fairfield, Ca.

Types of Steel Buildings

There are a number of ways to chose Fairfield steel buildings depending on the size you need, as well as the design you desire. Other things to keep in mind is what you will be using the California steel facility for and the budget allowed.

The Quonset Huts are an arched Fairfield metal buildings, with straight walls and a rounded roof. This design doesn't require interior beams or post for support, or heavy equipment to erect, yet it is strong and resilient and the least expensive of the pre-fab Fairfield metal buildings. This is a good choice if you need a building temporarily because it can be easily moved. This design works well for garages, workshops, storage buildings, warehouse, car ports, airplane hangar's, and metal sheds.

The I Beam Fairfield Steel Buildings are most commonly used in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. These prefabricated steel buildings can be engineered to fit any size, but are limited in design to mainly a rectangle or square shape, with a slightly sloping roof. This design will require a lot of heavy equipment to erect and an experience contractor. The I beam Fairfield metal buildings are a good choice for pole barns, horse barns, even riding arena's.

The hybrid building is a combination of metal and wood, which allows a greater realm of design and decor. The exterior of the building can be dressed in vinyl, brick, steel, wood, siding or a range of other materials. This building is complex to build and you will need to utilize an expert familiar with Fairfield steel buildings along with a lot of heavy equipment. This type of standard steel building works good for shops, businesses, home and churches, and is the most expensive to purchase.

"Green" is the new buzz word in Fairfield, California and elsewhere and Fairfield metal buildings have joined the movement with metal construction that promote reducing the environmental impact by taking advantage of renewable resources such as solar and wind power. These metal structures are coated in a special Galvanize coating which reflects the heat away from the building. Solar panels are implemented to take advantage of sunlight and high efficiency windows and insulation help lower energy cost. The careful placement of windows, walls and porches in these Fairfield metal buildings design let in more natural sunlight during winter months which helps to reduce the use of electrical lighting during the day. There are even options for recycled waste water which can be used for irrigation similar to rainwater collectors. Green energy typically cost more up front, but the savings over the long run are quite measurable.

Things to Know Before You Buy

Before you start shopping in Fairfield, Ca., there are a few things you should know. The first thing is to determine what you'll be using the building for, and make sure you will have adequate interior space so you don't out grow the building soon after you've built it. Even though adding on to a building can be done at any time it's better to build bigger up front to same money in the long run.

Of course, your budget is important and it might require that you build a smaller facility now and add on to it as you grow. If you do have a limited budget whatever you do don't settle for a cheaper building that can require extra maintenance and repair in the future. Another thing to take into consideration is that the windows, doors and insulation are additional cost and you'll need to budget additional monies for these items.

If this is your first purchase of one of the many Fairfield steel buildings in California or your tenth, be sure to pay attention while you are shopping to take advantage of an offer for a free Project Coordinator. Working with a Fairfield steel buildings manufacturer or broker that utilizes a project coordinator is a real plus. A Project Coordinator will help you in all areas of your building selection and design. Some of the duties of a Project Coordinator are to keep your project within a specified timeline, and assist you in the selection of the Fairfield metal buildings design that fits your specific requests. In the long run they will help you save money and time.

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