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Farmington Hills Steel Buildings

Farmington Hills steel buildings companies are located in one of the wealthiest family neighborhoods in the nation. Farmington Hills, MI is often combined with Farmington, although the two cities are technically separate entities. CNN Money has listed Farmington Hills, MI as the 55th Best Place to Live in the United States. The city is home to a huge variety of restaurants, exotic car dealerships, boutiques, and more. The people living in this lovely city in southeast Michigan are used to some of the finest things in life. As such, they expect Farmington Hills metal buildings providers are expected to maintain the high standards of quality in their products that customers find elsewhere in their home town.

Products Above Industry Standards

Farmington Hills metal buildings companies are expected to maintain industry standards as are all providers of pre-engineered steel buildings. Yet these Michigan metal structure companies do not stop at the bare minimum required of them, but consistently search for ways to go above and beyond. One way Farmington Hills steel buildings companies do this is by offering the highest grade of corrosion resistant material of any steel building supplied in the nation. Galvanized metal is used in all of their products, instead of the red iron that is often used by other companies. Average warranties for galvanized material last from 30-45 years. This clearly reflects the long-lasting quality of galvanized over red iron, which typically comes with a warranty of 15-20 years.

Another way Farmington Hills metal buildings companies strive to surpass the bare minimum is through the efforts they make to ensure customers have no difficulties when installing their new structure. Every customer in Farmington Hills, MI receives with their product a detailed instruction manual that allows a small group of friends, or even a single individual to construct the building on their own. The manuals outline what tools are required for construction, none of which are uncommon or require more effort than a trip to the steel structure sale at a hardware store. Should customers have any questions not answered by the instruction manual, employees are always on standby to take calls. In these two ways, Farmington Hills steel buildings providers exceed industry standards.

Economic Aspects of Farmington Hills Metal Buildings

Conventionally built structures are limiting in that they require near-constant maintenance and repair. If a wall is damaged on a brick house, the cost of fixing the problem can be astronomical. Should a load-bearing post in that wall be taken out, the entire building could be severely damaged. In contrast, structures prefabricated by Farmington Hills steel buildings companies are completely maintenance free. The type of metal used in each design is resistant to corrosion, strong enough to last for decades, non-combustible, and rot-free. Many of the problems experienced with more standard, permanent buildings are eliminated when working with pre-fab metal structures.

All Farmington Hills metal buildings have complete clear span space on the interior. Clear span means that there are no interior posts or beams to take up interior room, or disrupt placement of anything being kept within the building. Having clear span space in the inside of a building is extremely important to many customers, including fire houses, auto shops, and horse barns, which need to have uninterrupted space on the inside. Farmington Hills steel buildings provide a very important product for those customers.

One Basic Design, Dozens of Uses

Farmington Hills metal buildings companies use a single "arch" design with all of their structures. The design is simple in nature, but very strong, and allows for the steel buildings to be expanded to any length desired by the customer. The metal buildings found locally are not a dime a dozen, however. Each building is specifically built for its unique customer based on their intention for it. Some customers want steel pole barns to store their company rigs in during harsh weather or for repairs. Those customers' structures are not going to look at all like those for the customer who wants a horse riding arena, or the one who needs a new church annex. Farmington Hills metal buildings suppliers are well-trained to ensure that their customers receive the variety of product that they are accustomed to.

Farmington Hills steel buildings providers face the difficult task of taking a product that is designed for mass production and customizing it for each customer in a way that reflect that customer's appreciation of the finer things in life. A prefabricated building could easily become a mundane structure with little to no variety. They could become unremarkable in their commonness very quickly, and likely would if not for the efforts of local suppliers to elevate the structures beyond basic industry standards. By exceeding expectations, and simplifying the design used so as to maximize applicability, the companies in Farmington Hills, Michigan have elevated the would-be simple structure.

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