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Gainesville Steel Buildings

Gainesville steel buildings offer the best choice in practicality for a wide variety of shelter needs. Both large and small steel structures are durable enough to handle the infamous Florida weather, and prefabricated designs are a perfect option for the do-it-yourself people of Gainesville, FL. After discovering the benefits of using these Gainesville metal buildings you will know there is simply no better choice available on the market today.

Choosing a Pre-Fab Building

Gainesville, FL is the center of activity because it is the largest city in the county, and is also a busy tourist destination in Florida. Gainesville steel buildings offer the active locals commercial and residential solutions for the much needed additional space. These are often the most popular Florida prefab building choice of residents, farmers, and business owners.

Gainesville metal buildings are commonly used as; storage units, shop space for cars, recreational vehicle housing, aircraft and watercraft storage, horse barns, metal welding shops, office space, equipment storage, retail space, and can even offer shelter to sporting events from the harsh sun. The material is also non-combustible ensuring it will keep your valuable belongings much safer than if stored in the confines of a highly flammable wooden shed or other type of wooden building. Whatever your use for the new building may be, Gainesville steel buildings offers the solution.

Another popular attraction of the local residents to these prefabricated steel structures is cost efficiency. The obvious savings is the initial investment. Because of the simplicity of the design, the amount of materials needed is minimal, and the savings is passed along to the consumer. Made of low service and long lasting material, maintenance is rarely needed on these Gainesville metal buildings.

Gainesville steel buildings are also environmentally friendly. Metal buildings do not contain any of the plastics that will emit harsh chemicals into the environment when heated over time. There is also no need for the use of harmful pesticides to prevent termite infestation since metal buildings do not attract bugs. The steel used in a metal building is also recyclable, which reduces pollution and the amount of trash in Gainesville landfills.

Choosing and Designing the Buildings

Because the land in Gainesville is used for both farming, and urban types of businesses, the two most common steel building types you will see are arched roof/curved wall, and straight walled. Curved designs are typically used in an agricultural setting, and are sometimes called pole barns. Straight walled Gainesville metal buildings usually feature an arched roof and are commonly used for commercial needs, such as offices and store fronts.

Regardless of the design you choose, the structure is very rigid and choosing which one of the Gainesville steel buildings to purchase is usually based on size requirements. The Gainesville metal buildings accommodate any square footage area needed to be covered. When you are looking for a quote, consider the size of the land you are putting the building on. If you do not yet have the property chosen for your venture, it is not recommended that you try to quote out your building project.

Another component to project planning for Gainesville metal buildings is the amount of open space needed. Is there a need for clear space for indoor activities or will vehicles be moved frequently? You must decide if a clear span and multiple span design is best. Simply explained, the clear span design has no beams in the occupied space of the building, while the multiple span has beams in the occupied space, limiting the size of the objects being stored in the building, but making it easier to create individualized spaces for offices.

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of the project planning is the needed accessories. Will you be needing walk through doors, as well as bay/dock style doors? Will the walls and/or roof needed to be

insulated? If the building will be sectioned off, you may want to consider using multiple windows to create openness and the luxury of fresh air if needed in each area.

When You're Ready to Buy

Before starting the installation of any of the Gainesville metal buildings, proper building permits are required. All buildings must comply with the area's zoning ordinances, and this applies to both commercial and residential properties. Permit applications/forms can be obtained from the courthouse, as well as compliance checklists before starting the build.

While all seasons are enjoyable in FL, the purchase and installation of your building may need to be planned to beat the hurricane season. You should also be cautious of the mid-day heat, but the pleasant seasons of the region make anytime a good time to start your project. The installation of these Gainesville steel buildings is the fastest of any building, and with some effort can be completed in a day.

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