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Haverhill Steel Buildings

Haverhill steel buildings fulfill a wide range of functions in a city once known as a center of hat and shoe manufacturing. Today, Haverhill metal buildings can be seen in residential, commercial and industrial neighborhoods, providing space for storage, retail and manufacturing. In rural areas of MA, steel buildings are widely used to house horses and cattle, store tractors and farm equipment or provide open space for equestrian events.

When you compare the cost of erecting Haverhill steel buildings to the cost of constructing a building with wood or other materials, you will generally find that you can save money with metal construction. The cost per square foot of Haverhill metal buildings is lower because the components of prefabricated Massachusetts steel structures are largely assembled by the time they arrive on your property. A Haverhill metal buildings supplier can provide a detailed estimate of the cost of the specific metal structure that you're looking for.

Steel Buildings Foundations

Situated on the Merrimack River, the city of Haverhill has gone through multiple economic transformations over the course of its history. Haverhill metal buildings have played important roles in the community's economic development for many years, providing low-cost square footage for businesses and homeowners for generations. The resilience and durability of Haverhill steel buildings have made these structures a popular alternative to wood, which is more vulnerable to fire, water and pest damage.

As part of the design of your steel garage, warehouse or hangar, you must provide a foundation for the building. Foundations for cheap metal buildings may be very simple or more complex, depending on the size of the structure and its components. Before pouring a foundation, the site for a larger structure should be inspected by a Massachusetts surveyor. The surveyor will evaluate the site to determine whether it's level, and will provide an outline of the property that shows contractors where to erect the structure.

If the ground is uneven or has a slope, it may need to be graded before the foundation can be created. Smaller Haverhill steel buildings, like sheds or lean-to's, may be set up on an existing foundation, like a driveway or a firm, gravel-covered area beside a Haverhill house. Pole barns, which consist of a roof and a set of posts, may be set up with or without a separate foundation. The posts of basic pole barns may be set in the ground and fixed in concrete for stability.

A slab foundation for a smaller Haverhill garage or storage facility may be dug with shovels, axes or other hand tools. Foundations for larger Haverhill metal buildings may require heavy excavation equipment, like a backhoe. Talk with your Haverhill metal buildings supplier about the size and type of foundation you need for your Massachusetts project. Your provider may be able to refer you to local Haverhill contractors who can help you establish the kind of foundation that your project requires.

Manufacturer Warranties

Haverhill steel buildings are known for their long lasting strength. Most of these products come with a manufacturer's warranty, which typically lasts for 25 years or more. In addition, the factory applied finish is covered by its own warranty, so that your maintenance requirements should be minimal. If you decide to paint your own structure, the warranty will not cover any problems arising from another company's paint.

Because steel does not warp, rot or expand over time, like wood, Haverhill metal buildings retain their structural integrity longer than their wooden counterparts. As wood deteriorates over time, the components that hold beams and panels together can slip and loosen. Wood is also susceptible to termite damage, dry rot, fire and other common hazards. You can rely on the strength and durability of MA metal buildings for decades once you've installed one of these structures on your property.

When the product is delivered to your property, inspect the contents of your kit carefully to ensure that all of the components are in place. At the same time, you should also look for visible defects that may lead to structural failure in the future. A manufacturer's warranty will not cover damages caused by normal wear and tear, misuse of the product or environmental hazards. To get the most longevity from your building, examine its components at the start of the project. Notify the MA manufacturer immediately if you notice any defects.

Haverhill steel buildings are a tradition in this area of New England. Over the years, these structures have fulfilled industrial, commercial and agricultural needs. Whether you're a homeowners looking for a secure storage facility for a car or RV, or a business owner looking for affordable space for a warehouse or aircraft hangar, you'll find what you need in these long lasting, sturdy products. Compare multiple quotes online to find the unit that's best suited to your project.

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