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Jacksonville Steel Buildings

Jacksonville steel buildings can be purchased in a wide variety of styles and sizes to fit any home or business need in Jacksonville. Whether you are looking for new pole barns or a storage unit for your boat in Florida, you will find buildings that will not only fit the needs you have but your budget as well. Shop online and compare rates from a variety of providers of Jacksonville metal buildings. You will be glad you did when you see the savings you can get by shopping online.

Steel Homes

Jacksonville metal buildings can be purchased in a variety of designs for homes. These homes are perfect for Florida because they will not rust, warp, or fall prey to the termites that are common in FL. They can also withstand almost any type of weather including the heavy winds and rains during the Florida hurricane season. No matter what type of home floor plans you would like to have, you can easily find them in a Florida metal building design that will provide you with years of use for less cost than a traditional stick built or brick home.

Jacksonville metal buildings that are built as homes are virtually indistinguishable from wooden designs. The exterior of Jacksonville metal buildings can be anything from vinyl siding to stucco. You can even add half log siding if that is your choice. Almost any type of exterior cladding you would add to a stick home, can be added to a metal one as well.

The interiors of Jacksonville steel buildings are also beautiful. They can be dry walled and painted just like any other home, or you can add wood paneling, chair rails, wainscoting, or any other type of wall cover you prefer. The floor plans allow for vaulted ceilings, sunk in living rooms, and large master bedrooms complete with attached master baths and walk in closets. If you have not checked out the designs available for steel homes in FL, now is a great time to do so.

Steel Business Buildings

There are many types of Jacksonville metal buildings that are perfect for Jacksonville businesses. These buildings range in floor plans for restaurants to airplane hangars. They are ideal for strip malls, boat storage facilities, churches, office complexes, and personal storage facilities. In fact, you can put almost any type of Jacksonville business in Jacksonville steel buildings.

The advantages to using steel for Jacksonville businesses is the lack of maintenance requirements, quick construction times, and ease of expansion. When you need to expand stick built or brick buildings, you will spend an extraordinary amount of money. With metal designs, you can simply remove a section, add what you need, and replace the section on the end. It is literally that simple.

Many construction contractors will tell you that Jacksonville metal buildings can be built in much less time than their stick built or brick counterparts. The lower amount of construction time equates to a huge savings to the building owner. It also means they can be moved into quicker, which for businesses is a huge plus.

Choosing a Provider

When choosing a provider for Jacksonville steel buildings, you will want to get several quotes from reputable dealers. Be sure to ask about available warranties, construction options, and types of materials that will be used. Never settle for anything less than industry standard material. You may save in the material costs, but the building will not last as long and may not be able to stand up to hurricane force winds.

The warranties available on many Jacksonville metal buildings are fifty years or better. This is especially true if 26 gauge, 80,000 psi strength sheeting is used. This type of metal is considered of an excellent quality and will last for many years. Even the paint can come with a 20 year warranty from the top providers.

Be sure to ask about other items such as pre welded clips to make the assembly easier, or overlapping purlins for added structural integrity. You will also want to request that c section headers and jambs are added if you need an overhead door installation. During construction, be sure the building is fully trimmed at the gable, eaves and corners to protect the contents from the heavy winds and rain.

Jacksonville steel buildings are easy to construct, come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and last for many years. If you need a new structure in your area, consider using Jacksonville steel buildings for all of your building needs. No matter whether you need horse barns or strip malls, you will be able to find the unit you need at a price you can afford when you compare the online prices from vendors in your area.

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