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Kalamazoo Steel Buildings

Kalamazoo steel buildings aren't restricted to industrial and agricultural applications, although these long lasting Michigan metal structures have been used in these settings for generations. In today's cost conscious economy, homeowners and commercial business owners recognize the potential of affordable Kalamazoo metal buildings. With these flexible, sturdy structures, you can quickly expand the storage space on your property without spending a fortune on design, construction materials or labor.

As a center of education in Western Michigan, Kalamazoo features steel buildings on its campuses as well as in its commercial and industrial areas. Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College are both located in this city. Over the years, the economy of Kalamazoo has drawn from education, paper milling, agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry. In this resourceful community, Kalamazoo metal buildings have played important roles in the city's economic development.

Kalamazoo Rigid Frame Buildings

When you start your search for Kalamazoo steel buildings, you may be surprised by all the variations on the classic designs. Kalamazoo metal buildings suppliers can help you choose a frame style that will meet the specifications of your project. Most metal buildings can be classified in one of two frame styles: arched and rigid frames. The type of frame style you choose depends on the nature of your project, the size of the building and the structure's exposure to MI weather conditions.

Photos of rigid frame Kalamazoo steel buildings will show you the various styles that these frames can take. Rigid frame structures have straight walls and internal supports which give them a classic, traditional look. You can compare photos of conventional rigid frame homes, garages, workshops and warehouses to pictures of arched Kalamazoo steel buildings, like the distinctive Quonset hut.

Rigid frame structures are also known as straight wall steel buildings because of their shape. Although rigid frames may not be as resistant to high winds or earthquakes as arched Quonset huts, these steel structures are still extremely sturdy under any MI weather conditions. If you're looking for a traditional prefabricated structure to serve as a residential dwelling, an educational facility or a retail outlet, straight wall Kalamazoo metal buildings may offer the standard styles you're looking for.

Straight wall structures are suitable for garages, machine shops, barns or factories. Rigid frame Kalamazoo pole metal buildings may be more costly than arched units. However, if you're looking for a more conventional frame, metal straight wall units may suit the specifications of your residential, commercial or agricultural project. Straight wall styles are easy to customize with attractive stucco or brick faces, walk in doors, windows, skylights and other features that make them unique to your property.

MI Steel Barns

Farmers and ranchers appreciate the low cost and long lasting strength of Kalamazoo steel buildings. Pole barns, horse arenas and other agricultural projects lend themselves to this durable material, which resists damage from fire and pests as well as from the natural elements. In severe winds, Kalamazoo metal buildings prove more structurally sound than barns or arenas made of other building materials.

Adding a new pole barn or silo to your property is relatively fast compared to the length of time it takes to build a wooden barn for livestock. In just a matter of days or weeks, you can have a facility assembled on your property that will protect your valuable investments against the local weather. Attractive finishes and accessories like windows and walk in doors can be applied to these pre-engineered agricultural units.

Whether you're looking for a classic barn with a cupola and wood siding, or a more basic metal pole barn, you'll find a style that complements your property. The cost of a unit for horses will depend on the size of the structure and the number of stalls you want to include. Horse owners appreciate the strength of Kalamazoo metal buildings, which stand up to horses when they kick at walls or fixtures. Splintered wood can injure domestic animals.

Compare estimates from several suppliers in your area to find an affordable model that's perfect for your agricultural needs. Because most of the assembly of prefabricated horse barns is completed at the factory, you and your crew can quickly finish the project once the pre-engineered components have arrived. As long as you have a solid foundation for your metal building, assembly should take a relatively short time compared to the length of time required to construct wooden pole barns.

After you've assembled Kalamazoo steel buildings, you'll enjoy their practical features and visual appeal for years. These units require little or no maintenance to keep them sturdy, functional and attractive. While wood must be painted and repaired frequently, these durable pre-fabricated products require minimal upkeep. You can enjoy the benefits that your product provides without worrying about maintaining your investment.

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