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Killeen Steel Buildings

Killeen steel buildings play important roles in this Texas community, whose economy is based largely on the Army post of Fort Hood. Killeen metal buildings have been essential to military operations in this area for generations, providing space for Army vehicles, supplies and personnel. The civilian economy in Killeen and the ranchers and farmers in the surrounding areas also make use of these versatile, cost effective Texas metal structures.

With a limitless variety of styles, colors and finishes to choose from, Killeen metal buildings may also be used as homes, churches, schools, retail shops or libraries. These buildings are easy to assemble, and construction is usually much less expensive than the cost of building a residential or commercial structure out of wood, brick or masonry. No matter where you go in the state, you'll see residents of the Lone Star State enjoying the benefits of Killeen metal buildings.

Killeen Metal Buildings Frames

Killeen, Texas got its start as a farming community, and this Central TX city is still surrounded by agricultural areas. In an agricultural setting, pole barns, horse barns, horse arenas, silos and workshops are often built of steel. This durable material is resistant to the effects of heat, humidity, wind and other elements of the TX climate that can damage wood or masonry.

Although Killeen steel buildings come in a wide variety of styles, all of these designs fall into two basic categories. Arch frames are rounded, wide structures, represented by the classic Quonset hut. Quonset huts may be small enough to store a single tractor or a fleet of Killeen military vehicles, but all of these rounded structures are strong and durable. Because these structures are built without internal support structures -- a design known as "clearspan" -- the interior of these pre-fab metal buildings consists entirely of usable space.

Because of their unique shape, arched metal frames may be sturdier than rigid frames, which have traditional, straight walls. Straight wall designs may include support columns, which can detract from the space inside the buildings. However, unless you intend to use the pre-fab metal building for wall to wall storage, the support columns may not be noticeable. Some straight wall designs are available without support columns, giving these steel buildings the spatial advantages of clearspan design.

Straight wall Killeen metal buildings may have gabled, straight or sloping rooftops, depending on the style. Rigid frames may be appropriate for commercial office centers, retail outlets or arenas. To find the style that's best suited to your project, contact a Killeen distributor to compare styles, assembly costs and warranties. Reliable manufacturers guarantee their prefabricated products for many years, so that you can expect lasting satisfaction from these structures.

Wind and Fire Resistance

The strength and durability of Killeen steel buildings are among the top reasons that people from all sectors of the economy choose these sturdy steel products for their commercial or agricultural needs. Killeen metal buildings are resistant to many of the environmental elements and common hazards in TX that can destroy other materials. Insect damage and rot from the humid local climate do not affect the structural integrity or longevity of Killeen steel buildings.

High winds in this region of the country have led many farmers and ranchers to invest in Killeen steel buildings. A rounded or straight wall steel structure can resist gale force winds, snow storms and hurricanes. In addition to benefiting from the strength of metal, these models are reinforced by the manufacturer to increase their resistance to severe weather conditions. Before you buy a model for your residential or industrial property, check with your contractor about whether the product complies with local construction codes for weather resistance.

Fire resistant Killeen metal buildings provide secure storage space for your machinery, equipment, valuable documents and personal belongings. The fire resistance of these products makes them highly suitable for agricultural applications, such as storing feed or housing livestock. These products have also gained popularity as residential dwellings because of their security and their resistance to the elements. Because prefabricated units are tested at the factory, you can be sure that you're getting a secure product that will fulfill its function for years.

Along with their practical benefits, pre-fab models can have great aesthetic value. Metal surfaces can be painted by the manufacturer in an unlimited spectrum of colors, or finished with an exterior that resembles brick or stone. Different types of siding are also available to complement any style or personal preference.

A Killeen steel buildings supplier can help you choose the design that's most appropriate for your industrial or agricultural needs. Use the convenient request form on our website to get in touch with multiple providers who can help you find the unit that's perfect for your property. Look for the best deals offered by reliable suppliers who stand behind their products.

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