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Longmont Steel Buildings

Choosing Longmont steel buildings over wooden structures may reduce the cost of your property insurance as well as the cost of your construction project. Steel buildings are resistant to wildfires, hail, high winds, heavy snows and other conditions that are common in Colorado. With sturdy metal buildings on your residential or agricultural property, you can enjoy a greater sense of security and cut the costs of insuring your property.

Surrounded by views of the Rocky Mountains and acres of open space, Longmont, CO offers the natural beauty of rural life with the conveniences of suburban living. Longmont has its roots in agriculture and the railroad industry, and many ranches still operate in the area. However, Longmont is now home to several high tech corporations, which employ many of the city's residents. From office parks and industrial centers to residential homes and garages, Longmont metal buildings feature prominently in this CO community.

CO Steel Buildings for Agriculture

Longmont metal buildings have provided affordable storage space to farms and ranches for many generations. Steel Quonset huts, which have the classic arch shape that many Coloradans associate with Longmont metal buildings, are often used to house tractors, crop duster planes and other large farm equipment. Grain, hay and alfalfa are stored in Colorado metal pole barns. Horses and cattle are housed in metal stables and barns.

Without Longmont metal buildings, farmers and ranchers would have to invest significantly more money in construction and storage. With pre-fabricated Longmont steel buildings, barns or silos can be built within a matter of days instead of a matter of months. The cost of designing and constructing a large barn with wood is notably higher than the cost of erecting a pre-engineered metal structure on your agricultural property.

Agricultural equipment, livestock, feed and supplies are valuable investments for any rancher or farmer. Longmont steel buildings protect these assets against fire, pests, moisture and rot. Longmont metal buildings are known for their structural stability, and in the powerful winds that characterize Colorado, these structures won't collapse or give way. With these durable buildings on your agricultural property, you can rest assured that your assets are protected.

With custom faces, windows, doors and exhaust fans, pre-fabricated barns, stables and horse arenas can be customized to complement the rest of your property. You can add wood siding to give a barn a traditional look without sacrificing the benefits of steel. A custom cupola adds a quaint touch to a horse arena, barn or stable. On farms or ranches, Longmont metal buildings have all the visual appeal of wood without the high construction costs.

Longmont Workshops and Garages

Hobbyists, home-based business owners and car enthusiasts appreciate the sturdiness, convenience and easy assembly of Longmont steel buildings. If you need extra space to store equipment for your small home business, house an RV or set up a workshop, you can complete your project in a matter of days with Longmont steel buildings. A Longmont metal buildings contractor can guide you through the process of choosing a residential building design, preparing a foundation, customizing the structure and getting ready for delivery day.

Local distributors can help you arrange to have your structure erected with the help of their reliable sub-contractors. Erecting a garage, pre fabricated residence, or workshop can be faster and easier when you have the help of a professional construction team. Professional contractors know how to assemble structures quickly and safely, with little or no re-work. Although using a professional team will add to the up-front cost of your project, you may save money and time in the long run.

When you're selecting the best unit for your garage, guest house or workshop, you have two basic designs to choose from. The arch building, or Quonset hut, offers maximum stability at an affordable price. If your property is located in an open area, an arch structure will offer the most protection against local high winds. Arch units are generally cheaper than straight wall designs. However, many homeowners like the traditional look of a rigid frame, straight wall structure.

If you need to maximize the space inside your structure, consider a clear span model. Clear span units have no internal support structures, so you can make use of all of the square footage inside the building. Larger storage facilities or guest houses require internal support posts and beams for stability.

Longmont steel buildings professionals have extensive knowledge of local business codes and how they might apply to your project. When you're ready to plan your garage, barn or warehouse, get in touch with a number of professionals in Boulder County to compare estimates on procurement, delivery and labor. A reliable contractor can be your partner in completing this important residential, commercial or agricultural project.

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