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Medford Steel Buildings

Medford steel buildings provide economical storage, work and shelter space for the residents and business owners of Oregon. Many companies and homeowners turn to Medford metal buildings for Oregan steel structure answers to their need for affordable commercial or residential space. The fire and weather resistance of steel make this material a popular choice among business owners who have valuable equipment and merchandise to protect. Homeowners appreciate the wide range of choices that prefabricated Medford metal buildings offer.

Although the region of OR where Medford is located is drier and warmer than other parts of the state, the effects of moisture on wood are always a concern. Galvanized metal is protected by a zinc based coating that prevents oxidation, which means that your metal building remains free from rust and corrosion. Unlike wood, which can rot or swell in foggy, damp weather, steel buildings hold up to moisture in the atmosphere, resisting rot, mold, mildew and termite damage.

Designing a Steel Garage

Filled with parks, arboretums and landmarks of scenic natural beauty, Medford is a great place to spend time outdoors with family or friends. With a secure garage on your property, you can protect your car, bicycle and other sporting equipment from fire, theft or weather. If you need extra storage for your vehicles or personal belongings, consider adding a prefab steel garage or shed to your home. You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes and custom accessories to design a garage that fits your specifications and blends in with the rest of your property.

A Medford steel buildings supplier with an extensive knowledge of local conditions and zoning requirements can help you choose the portable metal design that's most suitable for your residence and your neighborhood. In addition to considering your storage needs, you'll also need to think about construction codes. Your local planning agency can tell you whether you need to obtain a permit to erect a garage or shed beside your Medford residence.

Arch metal buildings are appropriate for Oregon garages and workshops. The arch style is exceptionally stable and may also be more affordable than rigid frame structures, which have a more traditional configuration. Arch buildings are available in several roof styles, including the rounded, Quonset hut style, which forms a solid semicircle across the foundation. The S model has straight walls with a rounded roof, while the P model has straight walls with a gabled roof.

Straight wall structures are more expensive than arch Medford steel buildings, but many OR homeowners like the more conventional look of a rigid frame design. The roof of a straight wall shed or garage may be sloped or gabled, depending on your preferences. Many Medford providers recommend arch structures for their Oregon residential clients because these buildings are more affordable and are easier to install. The S model, in particular, is efficient for storing boxes of supplies or personal belongings because of its straight wall design.

Once you've chosen a design for Medford steel buildings, you can make your garage or shed more practical and attractive with customized features. Include walk in doors, windows or roof vents to add insulation and ventilation to Medford metal buildings. Choose from a spectrum of factory applied paints in visually appealing colors to create a stylish metal shed or garage that will complement the appearance of your property.

Pre-Assembly Preparation

Qualified Medford metal buildings providers will walk you through each phase of your project, from reviewing designs for Medford steel buildings to securing permits, preparing the foundation and erecting the structure at your OR business, farm or home. Before your new warehouse, hangar or car port is delivered to your property, you must have a sturdy foundation in place to stabilize the structure. For smaller projects, like garages or sheds, a simple concrete slab or even a driveway may suffice.

For larger, more complex Medford metal buildings, a foundation must be excavated and concrete must be poured to provide a stable base for construction. Smaller foundations can be excavated with simple hand tools, while larger foundations may require more powerful equipment, like a back hoe. Before a large foundation is poured, a surveyor must evaluate the property to confirm that it's level. The ground may need to be graded if the site isn't even enough to stabilize Medford metal buildings.

In preparation for assembling Medford metal buildings, consider whether you want to erect the structure yourself using the instructions from a kit, or whether you want to hire a professional crew. For larger Medford steel buildings projects, a crew of sub-contractors can provide valuable assistance. Professional contractors know how to complete your project safely and efficiently, so you can have a functional building at your home or business in a matter of days or weeks.

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