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Steel Building
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Oshkosh Steel Buildings

Purchasing Oshkosh steel buildings represents an investment in your Wisconsin business, home or farm. The longevity and strength of steel makes these pre-engineered structures a valuable addition to your property. Whether you're looking for additional square footage to store equipment, house vehicles or shelter livestock, Oshkosh metal buildings are an economical alternative to wood or other construction products.

The modular design of pre-fab Oshkosh steel buildings makes it easy to create a Wisconsin steel structure that accommodates your staff or your household. When you're designing a metal structure, you aren't limited to buildings that resemble warehouses or factories. Customized siding materials, stucco or stone facades and attractive paints make steel buildings as visually appealing as they are sturdy. Take advantage of the convenience of online technology to find an experienced Oshkosh metal buildings provider from the comfort of your home or office.

Steel Aviation Buildings

The residents of Oshkosh enjoy a wide range of professional, cultural and educational opportunities. The city is home to one of the best known manufacturers of clothing for children and adults, as well as a national Oshkosh corporation that produces specialty vehicles. The University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh, one of the largest campuses in WI, is located in this community. In addition, Oshkosh is home to one of the largest airshows in the world, an aviation enthusiasts from all of the globe attend this celebration of flight technology.

Oshkosh steel buildings are well known in the aviation industry. Metal structures have served as aircraft hangars for many generations, and steel structures are still used to house aircraft of all sizes. The galvanized metal surfaces of aircraft hangars are protected against the elements by a metal coating that makes the components resistant to corrosion and rust. Even in WI, where the precipitation level is high, Oshkosh metal buildings protect aircraft from exposure to rain, snow or high humidity.

Aviation buildings must offer plenty of clear space to house an aircraft and allow room for the equipment and supplies used to maintain these complicated machines. Clear span Oshkosh metal buildings have reinforced ceiling beams that eliminate the need for internal support structures. Because of this unique structural design, clear span Oshkosh steel buildings provide one hundred percent open interior square footage. Clear span structures are also used in warehouses, where forklifts and other tall machinery are employed, and in WI sports arenas.

Oshkosh metal buildings are resistant to fire as well as water, which makes them a secure environment for your valuable aircraft. Whether you're looking for a small private hangar or a large structure for commercial planes, Oshkosh metal buildings can be designed to fit the specifications of your aviation building. Custom finishes made by steel building contractors make these units an attractive addition to small or large Wisconsin airports. Compare estimates from multiple distributors to find the most competitive price for your project.

Uses for Quonset Huts

The Quonset hut is a classic architectural structure that's making a comeback with many commercial and agricultural enterprises in the Midwest. Originally crafted to fit the needs of the US Navy during World War II, the Quonset hut continues to provide flexible, affordable storage space to businesses, homes and farms throughout the country. The structural stability of these Oshkosh steel buildings provides valuable protection for equipment, vehicles, livestock and other assets. Quonset huts are also used for office and work space.

Homeowners can easily install a small Quonset hut on their property to house a truck, recreational vehicle, boat or large yard maintenance equipment. Check with your Oshkosh metal buildings supplier about local zoning requirements and building permits before you invest in any pre-fabricated structure. The cost of making changes to your project after you've placed your order will be much higher than implementing the correct specifications from the early planning stages.

It's not difficult to provide a sturdy foundation for a Quonset hut on a residential, commercial or agricultural property. Small, shed-size Quonset huts may require only a simple slab concrete foundation, which can be excavated using a shovel, pickaxe and other hand tools. Larger units require a more substantial foundation and may require a professional survey to make sure the site is level. A standard, galvanized Quonset hut can be accessorized with end walls, walk doors, service doors, windows, skylights and vents.

Once you've learned about your options, you may be surprised at how versatile and flexible the design of Oshkosh steel buildings can be. Your shed, warehouse, workshop or barn doesn't have to have a utilitarian appearance, unless that happens to be the style that fits your needs. These pre-fab structures can be customized with a range of finishes, facades and accessories that make them unique. Work with a knowledgeable vendor to create a building that fulfills its purpose and adds aesthetic appeal to your commercial or residential property.

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