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Pontiac Steel Buildings

Pontiac steel buildings have been part of the industrial economy of Michigan for generations. Michigan metal factories, machine shops, garages and utility sheds are common features of the landscape in this city, where General Motors first produced the Pontiac automobile. However, you don't have to be an executive of General Motors to appreciate the versatility and quality of Pontiac steel buildings. These products also serve as carports, garages, office buildings and pole barns in and around Pontiac.

Buying Pontiac steel buildings is easier than ever since the arrival of the internet in our offices and homes. Instead of making complicated arrangements with architects, builders, stone masons or carpenters, you can quickly shop for Pontiac metal buildings online without leaving your desk. Pre-fabricated steel structures require very little assembly once they've been delivered to your house or business, which means that you can have a functional building on your MI property within days or weeks.

Automotive Pontiac Steel Buildings

The history of Pontiac is tied to its vital role in the automotive industry. The city has been a center of automotive manufacturing since early 1900s. During the 1930s, the city's economy took a downturn as the automotive industry was struck by the effects of the Great Depression in MI. More recently, the city has gone through an economic revival, and its renovated downtown area features new businesses, restaurants and shopping centers.

Pontiac metal buildings have contributed to the growth and development of automobile manufacturing in MI. The natural attributes of steel, including its resistance to fire, strong winds, heavy rains, hail and heavy snow, have made this material a natural choice for the factories, warehouses and machine shops that feature prominently in this community. Galvanized steel is protected against moisture by a zinc coating that makes the steel surface resistant to the effects of rain, snow or harsh sunlight.

Like the rest of the state, Pontiac can experience cold, harsh winters. If your mechanics or machinists are working inside Pontiac metal buildings, the structures must be insulated against the cold. Insulating Pontiac metal buildings adds to their cost, but you'll be pleased at how comfortable these metal structures can be with fiberglass insulation and an effective heating and cooling system. Because metal is highly conductive, Pontiac steel buildings can become very cold in the winter and very warm in the summer time.

In factories, garages or machine shops, ventilation is as important as insulation. Exhaust, chemical fumes, dust and debris must be cleared with windows, roof vents and exhaust fans. These accessories can be added to Michigan automotive buildings as part of the customization process. To turn your metal structure into a functional garage or shop, you can add a roll up door, walk doors and sliding glass windows.

In addition to being durable and long lasting, these buildings are protected by a manufacturer's warranty, which makes the associated builiding costs worth it. Unlike structures built of wood or masonry, you can rely on the support of your Pontiac metal buildings manufacturer if there are any flaws or defects in your purchase. As an added bonus, the professional, factory applied finish on Pontiac metal buildings is covered under a warranty, as well.

Calculating Costs Per Square Foot

Compared to the cost of building with wood or brick and mortar, the cost of erecting Pontiac metal buildings is relatively low. Much of the work involved with assembling pre-fab buildings is done by the time the product arrives at your door. Because many of the components of your new investment are pre-assembled, you can reduce your labor costs per square foot considerably.

Calculating the cost of your project per square foot begins by determining which style of building you want to buy. A rigid frame, or straight wall, structure will generally cost more per square foot than an arch structure. Your vendor will review the costs of the most widely used products with you and will recommend a unit that's appropriate for your property, your climate and the intended function of the building.

Once you've calculated the cost of the shell of the structure, you'll need to take its accessories into account. Adding custom doors, windows, insulation, exhaust fans, siding, wainscoting or skylights will add to the cost. Finally, you and your vendor will determine the costs of a foundation and the cost of labor. If you have a foundation prepared and you intend to erect your own structure using a kit, these costs may be reduced.

No matter what type of project you have in mind, Pontiac steel buildings can give you the storage or work space you need. Talk with several local providers to find an expert who can help you design a structure according to your specifications. Your contractor will assist you through the planning process, so that your project is compliant with construction codes. Take time to locate a contractor who can make this project a success.

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