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Portland Steel Buildings

Portland steel buildings offer an affordable alternative to wood or masonry construction, yet these versatile structures can be finished to resemble brick or stone. Wood siding or stucco may be added to take your Maine metal building kits custom design one step further. In the stylish, rapidly growing city of Portland, steel buildings fit into any architectural environment. From Portland Harbor to the city's Arts District and its industrial neighborhoods, you'll find Portland metal buildings serving in many capacities.

Finance, tourism and the service industry in Portland have been so instrumental to the state's economic development that the city has become the economic center of Maine. The city's proximity to Boston offers access to a host of commercial and cultural opportunities. Portland steel buildings have contributed to the city's growth by providing cost effective square footage for a variety of innovative enterprises. When you invest in Portland steel buildings, you can rely on the use of a functional, efficient structure that won't exceed your budget.

Warehouses and Storage Centers

Storage is one of the primary uses of Portland metal buildings, although steel is flexible enough to be used in a much broader range of applications. In industrial and commercial settings in ME, steel buildings function as garages, stand alone storage sheds and lean-to facilities. Homeowners throughout ME use Portland metal buildings to store cars, boats, recreational vehicles, gardening equipment and personal items.

Because of its resilience and its resistance to fire, water and pests, metal is a natural choice for storing valuable assets. Portland businesses utilize truss metal buildings for storing equipment, machinery, merchandise, supplies and paper records. Galvanized Portland metal buildings hold up to the effects of water without rusting, chalking or streaking, and these protected surfaces give you additional peace of mind about the safety of your business investments.

Portland steel buildings are widely used in rural areas to store farm equipment, feed and supplies and to shelter livestock. In areas of Maine where equestrian sports are popular, Portland metal buildings are used as horse barns and horse arenas. If you plan to heat your facility in the cold, long ME winters, your barn, arena or warehouse must be insulated. Insulating the structure will add to the cost of your project, but you'll enjoy lower utility bills and a more comfortable, energy efficient space.

The open, completely usable space of clear span Portland metal buildings makes these structures highly adaptable to storage. With no internal support structures to impede your square footage, you can store more archival boxes, equipment or supplies. Forklifts and other tall machinery are easier to use in clear span storage structures. With so many metal storage facilities to choose from, making a final decision about the style and custom features of your building can pose a challenge.

After choosing the basic design for your storage center, you can customize the structure with doors, windows, skylights, vents and exhaust fans. Attractive finishes can be applied at the factory to give your facility a fresh, bright appearance. The finished product will be a building that fulfills your need to store personal possessions or commercial assets, while blending seamlessly with its surroundings.

MBMA Buildings Providers

Since the 1950s, the MBMA, or Metal Building Manufacturers Association, has been establishing and upholding standards for the production of these versatile structures. The MBMA promotes the use of this fire and weather resistant material for a nearly unlimited array of applications. From the beginning, this association has been a staunch supporter of Portland steel buildings suppliers and other providers and manufacturers throughout the country.

A company that's affiliated with the MBMA joins this organization in its efforts to bring the construction of Portland metal buildings into the future with state of the art design technology. Member companies promote the use of advanced design techniques to customize residential, commercial, religious or civic structures to suit the needs of the homeowner, the business owner or the community. The latest structures are designed to meet local construction codes as well as the specifications of the buyer.

Affiliation with MBMA or other trade associations is one characteristic that reliable suppliers share. Dependable providers have a strong reputation in the community and an understanding of local codes that affect your project. When you're planning this important investment, finding a reliable, trustworthy supplier is as important as finding the right building.

To get the sturdy, reliable space you need at a price you can afford, compare quotes from several Portland steel buildings providers. Per square foot, you'll find that the cost of steel construction is generally lower than the cost of building with other materials. With a pre-engineered model, you'll have a functional, customized warehouse, barn, shed or garage on your property within days or weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project.

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