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West Jordan Steel Buildings

West Jordan steel buildings offer affordable, reliable work or storage space to companies in Utah. The fire and weather resistant qualities of steel make these durable structures a top choice for businesses, homeowners and ranchers in the Southwest. Whether you're planning to set up a tool shed in your back yard or a multi level office complex in a business park, West Jordan metal buildings providers can help you configure a customized model that will meet your needs for decades.

Unlike custom buildings constructed with other building materials, West Jordan steel buildings are covered by a manufacturer's warranty that guarantees these products for 25 years or more. With four major retail centers and a number of Utah steel structure manufacturing facilities and high tech businesses, West Jordan has a growing need for dependable, long lasting commercial space. Guaranteed West Jordan steel buildings help your company achieve its goals by providing the square footage you need for offices, storage or manufacturing.

Utah I-Beam Steel Structures

West Jordan metal buildings are more versatile than you may imagine. With custom accessories, facades and finishes, these prefabricated structures can be designed to blend in with any setting or fulfill nearly any commercial or residential function. However, under their customized details, all West Jordan metal buildings can be classified into two basic structures.

Arch steel buildings have a distinctive, rounded shape that sets them apart from other structures. When you think of an arch building, a traditional Quonset hut may come to mind. Arch metal buildings are among the most affordable structures you can buy in West Jordan, and their structural stability exceeds almost any other design. Many businesses use these units for storing equipment, vehicles or aircraft.

I-beam West Jordan metal buildings represent the second basic structure. Also known as rigid frame or straight wall structures, these products are characterized by the use of support beams that are shaped like the letter I. I-beam West Jordan steel buildings are widely used in UT in a number of capacities, from warehouses and manufacturing centers to West Jordan machine shops. I-beam units are widely available and easy to customize, adapting to nearly any building specifications.

If you need a structure that offers unrestricted storage space, clear span I-beam units may fit the bill. Because of their unique internal support beams, these products offer unbroken interior space. I-beam units are ideal for warehouses, arenas or other projects that require open square footage without intervening support beams.

While I-beam units are valuable additions to residential or commercial properties, they have some limitations, just as modular metal buildings do. These units often have a square or rectangular shape that requires a low roof pitch. For some property owners, this feature is a disadvantage, especially in areas of UT where the appearance of a building may be restricted by zoning regulations. If you're looking for a modular configuration that's easy to customize, talk with a West Jordan metal buildings provider about designing a unit that fits your unique requirements.

Assembling Utah Metal Buildings

Once you've invested in West Jordan metal buildings, your next step is to arrange for the foundation and the assembly of the structure on your UT property. Smaller metal projects, like carports or sheds, may be easy to assemble using the instructions in the kit and support from the manufacturer's helpline. Most manufacturers provide a helpline to support customers who are erecting their steel units themselves.

Erecting West Jordan steel buildings may require professional assistance. Your West Jordan metal buildings provider can guide you through the initial stages of planning your project, from surveying the property to grading the area and preparing your foundation. A reliable provider will help you choose a structure that meets local construction codes and complies with zoning requirements in West Jordan. Your provider can advise you on preparing the foundation, or refer you to a contractor who can assist you with this important step.

When your product is delivered to your property, check the delivery carefully against the inventory provided with your kit. You'll be responsible for making sure that all of the components of your unit are included in the delivery. With a more complicated unit, having the assistance of a professionally trained crew can be extremely helpful. Although you'll spend more money to hire professionals, you'll see the difference in your final results. Your project may be completed more quickly and accurately with the help of a trained team.

Professional sub-contractors know how to assemble prefabricated units safely and efficiently. Whether or not you work with a professional crew, you can benefit from the advice of your provider and manufacturer when you're selecting and assembling West Jordan steel buildings. When you combine the durability of metal with the security of a manufacturer's warranty, you can rest assured that your project will meet your needs for decades to come.

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