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Westland Steel Buildings

Prefabricated Westland steel buildings are guaranteed by their manufacturers to last for years, so you can rest assured that if you experience any problems with your new product, you can have the building repaired or replaced. When you invest in Westland steel buildings for use as garages, carports or shops, you have the confidence of knowing that the security and the stability are backed by a warranty. On the other hand, if you build your own structure out of wood or masonry, you'll have to pay out of pocket to repair any flaws.

Assembling Westland metal buildings is fast and relatively easy compared to the complexity of laying a complete foundation and building a structure by hand. A Michigan metal barn or shed can be delivered to your property and assembled within a matter of days. Large residential or commercial Westland metal buildings may require two or more weeks. No matter what size your MI steel structure may be, assembly will be quick and hassle-free.

Clear Span Westland Steel Buildings

Located near Detroit, Michigan, Westland is a hard-working community that takes pride in being an all American city. Westland was once a farming community, but the city began to make the transition to an industrialized economy with the arrival of General Motors. These days, the city of Westland and the surrounding areas feature a variety of Westland metal buildings reflecting residential, industrial and agricultural applications.

Clear span Westland metal buildings are extremely popular among business owners, farmers and homeowners who are looking for extra storage space. Clear span construction is one of the features that has given Westland steel buildings their reputation as reliable, versatile, highly cost effective structures. Instead of being supported by internal columns that detract from the interior space, clear span pre-fab metal buildings consist of a wide expanse of usable space.

If you're searching for steel buildings that can be used as horse barns, storage facilities, aircraft hangars or large workshops, clear span Westland steel buildings may fit your requirements. In general, these structures be up to 150 feet wide, enclosing space that is uncluttered by posts, columns or beams. The clear span design is ideal for factories and other facilities where large equipment, such as fork lifts, is used indoors.

Clear span Westland metal buildings may be more expensive than traditional rigid frame structures. The extra labor that goes into constructing a clear span structure can increase the overall price of the unit. However, many commercial, industrial and agricultural customers in MI consider the open space so valuable that they don't mind paying more for this unique, highly efficient design.

Roof Styles of Metal Buildings

Many Westland residents don't realize how versatile Michigan steel structures can be. When many people think of metal structures, they imaging a factory, a garage or a Quonset hut. In reality, steel buildings are manufactured in a remarkable variety of styles, sizes, colors and finishes.

When you're shopping for the right unit for your residential or commercial property, you'll have a wide range of designs to choose from. The design of the roof can make an enormous impact in the visual appearance, functionality and weather resistance of a product. The roof styles of homes and churches are quite different than the styles of workshops or pole barns. Westland metal buildings are highly adaptable, meeting the needs of customers from all private and public sectors.

Westland metal buildings can be divided into two basic categories: arched and rigid frame construction. Arched structures, like the Quonset hut, have a roof that may be rounded or gabled, depending on your personal preferences and your intended use of the product. Rigid frame models, which have straight walls, may have a gabled roof, a single slope or a double slope roof. Arched models tend to be less expensive than rigid frame units, which makes them more appealing to many MI customers.

Because of their flexible, versatile designs, these modular products can be expanded as your commercial or agricultural enterprise grows. A lean-to unit with a sloping roof can be quickly added to an established model to expand storage space. With relatively little expanse and trouble, you can add a wing to your factory or workshop to increase your space without stopping production. Manufacturers understand the needs of their customers, and they have designed innovative styles to fulfill almost any function.

Westland steel buildings distributors are experts on the features, benefits and drawbacks of these unique products. Consult an experienced local provider to find the model that's uniquely suited to your goals. Whether you're planning a new home or starting up a new storage business, a trusted expert can guide you in the right direction. Compare quotes from several local providers to find a product that can hold up to the demands of time and weather.

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